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Shafer Magnetic


Shafer Magnetic Components is a wholly owned California Corporation dedicated to the servicing of its valued customers through design, consulting manufacturing, testing and on time delivery of high quality and competitively priced magnetics.

Quality You Can See. Products You Trust.

Manufactured in the USA with the finest materials & highest trained technicians.  

A Trusted Brand

SMC is an American family business crafting the highest quality products for over 30 years.

Precision Craftsmanship

Professionally trained and certified technicians manufacture your product specifically to your design. Zero compromise.

Premium Materials

All products are crafted with the industries highest quality materials.

Quality Controlled

Rigorous product tests result in the highest quality manufactured parts in the industry.

A Brief History

Established in 1968.

SMC first started in a 600 square foot-light industrial building but today occupies over 10,000 square feet in a modern facility near Ontario International Airport. Our company was founded to fulfill the growing need for transformers in a modern, tech-savvy world and have proudly been associated with military programs such as C5A, Trident Subs, AWACS, and AMRAAM. Our engineering staff has in excess over 30 years of experience in transformer design and packaging. In 2014, SMC completed our ISO XXX certification and proudly stand at your door ready to assist in your future projects.

Our Services

We are experts.

Shafer Magnetic Components expertise is in the design, testing and manufacturing of custom magnetic devices. Particular emphasis has been placed on the development of fully enclosed electrostatic shielding (box shield) techniques which yield the ultimate in capacitive balance and isolation where grounding and common mode currents are to be challenged.

Premium Products

A Glimpse At Our High-quality Engineered Services Put To Work

Transformer Model X

Short description about this product that highlights one of SMC’s services.

Transformer Model X

Short description about this product that highlights one of SMC’s services.

Transformer Model X

Short description about this product that highlights one of SMC’s services.

Product Details

Base Frameset

Salient Package

Salient main frame, G4 Link Tube, 220mm Travel, EVOX Link, Micro Truss, Enhanced Armor

Wheels & Tires

Infinity R5

20mm front, 150×10 rear, Ultra durable J3 Group Issue Tires 26.5″x2.4″


Nectar Triggers 26X

HyperX Crank 48, Salient K7M Chain, Ultra6 Bottom Bracket, 10 Speed up/down Gearbox


Nectar Set

Elite Ultra Comfort Seat, Salient xGrip Handlebars 32mm, Orbit Bearing

X1 Downhill Dream

The X1 series bike is nothing but the ultimate mountain machine. Built to perfection from the ground up by experienced riders who wanted something better than what was out there. Try the X1 today and you’ll never go back.

From $1099.99

X2 Canyon Monster

Available Soon from $799.99

From $799.99

X3 Hill Trecker

Available Soon from $499.99

From $499.99